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Special edition of Condensed Matter Physics

journal_smallA special issue of the Condens. Matter Phys. journal has been prepared by joint efforts of
three DIONICOS teams (Medical University of Vienna, Leipzig University and ICMP, Lviv). It is devoted to self-organization and collective behavior in complex systems. Since complex systems involve cooperative behavior of many interconnected components, the field of statistical physics provides the perfect conceptual and mathematical framework for their quantitative understanding. Critical phenomena and complexity have counterparts in many branches of the natural and social sciences, therefore some of the papers presented in this issue are strongly interdisciplinary in character. Using different approaches – analytical, empirical data analyses as well as computer simulations – the authors of this issue share a common goal: To investigate how collective behavior arises, develops and changes in physical, social, and cultural complex systems.

The Institute of Impossibility

400x485.fitandcropThe award winning LAS Theatre produced a show at The Mysteries Festival in Coventry in May 2014. The show was about the evolution of ideas and creativity. The concept is termed “The Enlightenment CafĂ©” – it is science communication through theatre, and they do their shows in collaboration with scientists and science institutions. They create worlds in which the science is the centre piece and which allows audiences to discuss and play with what they learn. Three research groups from Warwick and two from Coventry were invited to contribute. We did 6 shows over 3 days, reaching a local audience of hundreds. The event was covered by local media including the Coventry Telegraph.